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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Slice of Life - The Empty Nest

I love participating in Slice of Life, started by Two Writing Teachers and writing a story, reflection, or musing at least once a week.
     Last Saturday, August 23rd, my husband, oldest daughter, Libby, and I moved our youngest daughter, Katie, into The Ohio State University for her freshman year.  Libby had moved back into Miami University for her senior year a few days before, but graciously joined us to send off her sister.  OSU has the moving-in process down to a well-oiled machine.  While we had to wait for a long time in our car in a long line waiting for the chance to pull up to the hall, it was worth staying out of the heat and not having to lug all her stuff up to the 7th floor.  We were greeted by cheering, red t-shirt clad students who were there to whisk all her stuff out of our cars (yes, we brought two!) and up to her room.  By the time we made it up to her room, they were right behind us with giant red carts full of her stuff. 
     After we made up the bunk bed (that is NOT an easy feat on the top bunk), hooked up the printer, moved around furniture until it was just right, and unpacked most of her stuff, it was time to go.  We took empty plastic bins back down to the lobby, Ed hugged her and said goodbye, and I said my goodbyes while waiting for Ed to get the parked car.  I have to admit I fought back tears after hugging Katie twice and watching her take the elevator back up to her room so she could make the first hall meeting that evening.  Time sure does fly.  How did all those years go by so fast?!Fortunately, Ed knew of a fabulous Greek restaurant in Upper Arlington where we could sit, relax, and start realizing we were empty-nesters.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband with whom I can spend the next phase of our lives. 
Sister time at home after packing and loading!
Checking in at Schottenstein Center
Schottenstein Center and the Residence Hall banners
Katie (right) and her roommate, Jess - the journey begins!
     I am also blessed to have wonderful friends, as well.  This Labor Day weekend, we took our annual girls' weekend.  We usually take our trip earlier in the summer, but that was pre-empted by my Czech Republic trip.  They were SO understanding when we had to postpone it, and we rebooked the trip to a closer venue.  It was a little more rustic than we are used to (wink), but we ended up loving it anyway.  Jill, the one on the far left, also recently became an empty-nester.  Her only child started college in Pittsburgh a few days before Katie. This is a group that I can't imagine living life without.  We share laughter, tears, and life's journeys together.  I love them all so much!  It was great to be with them on this long weekend.  It will be interesting to navigate this new time in my life.  I am one who tends to look forward with anticipation, so I know the future is filled with good things. (But it sure is quiet around here.)