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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Patience

Welcome back, friends!  Every Thursday, I explore my spiritual journey and invite you to link up your explorations here below.  I love learning from all of you!
     The word PATIENCE was whispered to me this morning for some reason.  The school year has begun, my husband and I are empty-nesters, and my Mom and Dad have moved into their new home in far away Florida.  A lot is happening.  It's a time of ambivalent and strange feelings.   I knew this year would be marked with significant journeys.  That's why I chose JOURNEY as my OLW.  There are all kinds of emotions this September - excitement over meeting new fifth grade students, getting used to the new schedule, stress over new expectations (testing, testing, testing), happiness over seeing kids from last year, lesson planning and grading beginning, project planning, etc.  Throw in my youngest leaving home, my oldest beginning her senior year in college, and my parents moving across country, and I've got some pretty big things affecting my life.  I'm so thankful my husband isn't traveling right now.  It's so nice for him to be around. 
     I'm not sure why PATIENCE was the word that came to me.  I'm a pretty patient person.  I don't lose my temper easily, I'm pretty easy-going most of the time, and my reset button is on "happiness."  But God must think I'm being impatient.  I just have to think about what that means.  One of the things I do is project - I've been a "projector" into the future all my life.  I am always looking forward to what is going to come next.  I tend to be looking around the corner all the time.  Sometimes that is a good thing because I always have plans and things to get excited about; but in another way, I tend to rush things.  I forget to live in the moment.  Even now I'm thinking about how nice things will be when I know all my new students, and they know the routines, and it's October or November and things are running smoothly.  I look forward to the things Libby is going to do in her future when she graduates and am excited for her.  I look forward to the trip to Florida that Ed and I will take later next month to visit Mom and Dad.  I look forward to seeing and talking with Katie to hear about all her goings-on during her first weeks at college. But what I really need to be doing is experiencing the now.  Being patient.  Living in the moment.  Enjoying the newfound empty-nest freedom, quiet, and time with my husband.  Time goes by fast enough..  What's ironic is that I should realize that more now than ever with all the milestones that are happening.  They come upon us so fast.
  So I think through writing this post, I understand what God is telling me.  Slow down.  Enjoy.  The future is coming at dizzying speed anyway.  Life is short.  Be patient.  Be still.  My time is now.